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Cheap Mac Makeup Soon we will be able to have the lips of Dulceida.

MAC Makeup Wholesale Dulceida is undoubtedly at her best. Not only has he exceeded 2 million followers on Instagram, he has launched his own brand and has his own festival. Now the influencer launches into another adventure.

A Maine Mendoza x MAC lipstick is coming soon!

MAC COLLABORATION. Maine Mendoza is one of the social media stars and influencers who is collaborating with MAC on a lipstick shade.

On Friday, January 19, the "Kalyeserye" star and segment host for "Juan For All, All For Juan" announced that she has partnered with the company, saying: "So happy to let you guys know that I am creating my own lipstick with [MAC Cosmetics]! Feels surreal to be chosen as one of the influencers and to be the first Filipina to have a lipstick collab with MAC. (Thanks so much, [Mac Cosmetics PH]!) Creating your own lipstick from scratch is tricky but I am so glad I was able to achieve the color I wanted. I am sure you guys are gonna love it!!! Caní»t wait for it to be launched!"

And it is that - although I had previously collaborated with beauty brands - Aida Domenech takes her relationship with a makeup brand much later. Undoubtedly, one of the hallmarks of the blogger is her lips (almost always painted red) and that is why the shots go around.

Dulceida Wholesale Mac Cosmetics has announced her latest project on her Instagram today, and she is going to create her own lipstick with Mac Cosmetics. This is very strong: Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have already created theirs before.

We still do not know when it will be launched or what color it will be, but we are almost convinced that it will be in red ...

This year starts so well that I do not believe it! Today I announce very HAPPY that I will create my own lipstick with @maccosmetics Divas like Gaga, Riri, Miley have done it and you do not know the illusion that makes me! So stay tuned. How do you think it will be? #MacxDulceida @maccosmetics ---------------------- This year is being amazing! I can not even believe it! I'm proud to tell you I'm creating my own lipstick together with @maccosmetics, Real divas such as Gaga, Riri or Miley have already made it and you do not know how excited I am. Stay tuned! How do you think it will be?